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Why is there a Page for Trollkin?

And What are Trollkin. We are glad you asked reader, contained within the following lines will be a constantly updating refference of non-canon and player made lore. As such it is up for grabs as long as the lore within does not conflict with any additions from others. This Race and Species page was created to argue against the sparseness of the "Trolls" Page already present on The Crimson Ingot Wiki, as such this information is Biased towards its own goal.

Trollkin-Genetic Class

As Trollkin are very adaptable we have this extensive list of Classes of Genetic Troll Families and the respective Sub-Races and Races belonging to each.

Reference Dictionary

Trollkin-Adj. A Loose Term for all Trollish Kind; Adj: A person respected as one of the trolls, a kinsman or honored Guest.

Shamen- A Trollish Healer or doctor, also seen as Oracles or sometimes in rare cases Chieftain. Syn Include but are not limited to: Maktub, Kloh-Magi

Glas Dia- The “Green God” of the trollkin although their dialect all differ per each sub-species a few words and phrases such as this one somehow stand the test of Dialect Barriers.

Matolok- A Term used by most Plantine Trollkin for Honored Guard or Strong Warrior.

Talki- A Type of wood found in the Keritine Moss Plains, it grows a few other locals but is known for its exuberant flexibility and appealing smell.

Hexlor- The word for the voodoo mages and priests of Ag-fulaint

Ag-Fulaint- a term used by most Trollkin, it translates to Suffering God roughly, The Hexlor is often known to make offerings to this “God” before committing its magic against a tribe or families enemies.

Secondary Vocabulary (Trollkin Common)

AAGH!: Attack!

AAGHUT: War tribe

EKH!: Stop!

GH: Being (untranslatable literally. Has the connotation of "sentience" or "living". Animals and some plants can be described with the GH syllable.)

GHANNAKH: Male Troll

GHEREGH: Cave, home, house, dwelling

GHEREGHUT: Cave tribe

GHOMOGH: Female Troll


GHOAKOL: Inner Sight (lit. "inner see")

GHRUAGHKOL: Inner fire

HAMESH: Ice, quartz (lit. "hard white")


IGMESH: Snow (lit. "white stone")


IGHUT: Stone Tribe

KHEGH!: Beware! Watch out!

KHOLEM: Day, Sun


Big, large, more, most, much, strong

KLOHMAGHI: Shaman (lit. "great listener")

KLOIGH: Mountain

KLOIGHUT: Mountain Tribe

LAGH: Negative

MARGH!: Die! (also Death)


MASH: Garment, cloth, covering

MESH: White

MOSH: Animal

MOGH: Femaleness (also female genitals, encompassing, protecting, gathering)

MOGHMASH: X-shaped wrap which covers/supports groin and breasts


NAKH: Manliness (also male genitals, strength, energy, creating)

NAKHMASH: Loin-cloth

NIKH: Tree

NIKNIKUT: Forest Tribe

SNI: Little, small, lesser, weak

SNIGH: Pebble

SNIHUT: Human race, elven race, etc. (used to address the race as a whole)

SNISNITRUL: Dwarf, Brownie, other non-Troll small races.

SNITRUL: Human, Elf, Orc

TRUL: Troll

TRULTRUL: Trolls, the race of trolls, all trolls in a group, "us".

UT: Clan, tribe, group

ZAGHAKHA: Mmm, tasty, yummie

Trollkin Genetic Families

Plantine Trollkin

In general a term used for all trolls related to plant life, generally you could say any Forest, Plains, and other plant-life related Trollkins.

Keritinus Troll

A race of trolls who call the Keritines or the Moss Plains home.

Keritinus Eating Habits

In general they eat birds and fish, some forms of the moss in the area are also used as a kind of soup. They are not seen as “Man Eaters” and as such are prone or able to trade with non-trollkin races, as a result many of their Cuisine has spices and other foreign ingredients contained within.

Keritinus Social Structure

Keritinus are prone to a form of tribal community, as such in the camps and villages they create one chief is to be seen and his line is not the only possible ruling family, As a result the larger the tribe the more possible Chieftains that are present. In this system the most intelligent and commutative Keritinus is more likely to become the leader as the brute strength filled ones are more likely to become hunters and warriors. Among their people a form of job system is entitled, as a result they have the following jobs based on skills: Hunter, Moss Gatherer, Shaman, Hex Master, Tribe Historian, Chieftain, Chieftain’s Guard or Matolok, and a few other odd jobs not mentions afore to strangers.

Keritinus Average Attributes

The Keritinus are tall and lanky, often than not they have rough patches or hair-like moss growing on their body from long exposure to the Moss Plains, The large robe like attire they wear generally is made of dried moss and Talki Wood Fibers for binding. On average they have a range of Green to Black eyes and Black or Green Hair, the average size is around ten feet when matured but tales say some more ancient Keritinus have grown past this size to a maximum recorded size of fourty feet tall. They are more focused on strength than anything else, although it is lacking compared to other trolls this strength is compensated as they have a higher intelligence then most Trollish Races. The Average speed of a running Keritinus is around twelve miles per hour, but the endurance of this race is not high so they will likely not be outrunning or catching any other races.

Keritinus Martial Prowess

This race relies mostly on Talki Wood Clubs and spears a rare few have learned to use Atlatl but this is not a common fighting among them, like most trollkin they rely heavily on brute strength and raw power in combat. When fighting a Keritinus know that a weak point on all Kiritinus is its spinal Colum though well protected usually their lanky demeanor makes this area sensitive to attack.

Forest Trolls

A term for the standard small to medium woodland trolls found in nearly any lands with dense enough forests, they are usually in packs or families of upwards of twelve, of course this is not set in stone as rumors of Forest Troll Tribes and even Villages are not unheard of, because of sheer numbers behind this race even though they are spread out across the entire world they can form larger societies. The information on Forest Trolls is lacking as some groups defy the racial stereotypes of others, as this is a wide form of troll some may be man-eaters and others may be peaceful. These trollkin are seen as one of the smaller races as far as stature goes, but also among the most intelligent seen as having the ability to use some metal tools and craft basic wicker baskets and other plant-fiber filled containers. Generally the Forest troll is seen to have vines or other foliage of the area braided in hair and work has sashes based on rank or sometimes just for style. As far as culturually the Forest Troll’s usually pray to and pay homage to a harvest and protection god “Glas Dias” a rough term meaning Green God, most Templehelm scholars would sum that up to Wildaven but the truth remains a secret belonging to the Forest Troll Shamen and Hexlors.

Earthen Trollkin

This section will cover all trollkin related to the deep caves, stone lake, mountains and all around any stone or Earth Trollkin.

Aquatic Trollkin

This section is sparse as not many trollkin thrive on or in the water, even less so are those that are submerged in the water, some Trollkin in this section may also belong to the Earthen Section as they live semi-submerged in water caves or of the like, as such they will have a area set to them with a reference to the a for mentioned Earthen Trollkin Entry.

Pyro Trollkin

More often than not it is confused that some Fire Ogres are Trollkin when in actuality they are not, this section will cover to the best of recorded logics effort the information on true Pyro Trollkin.

Zephyrus Trollkin

It is believed that some trolls may be airborne or enjoy high altitude climates and have adapted as such, being one of the most adaptive species in the Setlian Sea Trollkin can adapt to almost any climate. We leave this section open to possible finds in the field and as such the information here will be speculation at best until proven otherwise.

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