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The principles of a Voiden are somewhat loose, however, there are distinct features that all Voidens share.

They share their origin from planetoids and pocket realms in the Void, floating pieces of land that should be noted, sometimes come into contact with one another. The End, or the End of the World can be an example of such, only it is different, as it is devoid of most life, except for the "Endermen" as mortals call them. The End of the World is a meeting grounds where Void creatures may congregate in the presence of the Dragons.

Voidens also share the principle that they are different. Most forms revolve around bestial, or hominoid (Such as forms that look like humans or such), forms, though some Voidens have taken to the form of armor, referring that other life forms may have entered the void at another point, as the Voidens often do not make use of armor, if at all. Voidens are intensely competitive with each other, be it territory, food, water, mates, or just who is stronger than another. However, it should be noted that Voidens are highly intelligent, so just because they may act bestial, doesn't mean they can't think. If it just so happens that two competitive Voidens who meet each other at the same time of seeing a non-Voiden, would rather tear out the throat of the non-Voiden together, before combating the other.

It should be noted, that the Voiden are different from Voidlings. Voidlings reside in the empty Void, and rarely, if ever, come into contact with Voidens.


The Aklar are a rare type of Voiden. It would be thought that because they are immune to anything not Aklar would have given them a huge population, but in fact, their weakness to each other can be considered population control, as Aklars, when not in search of a mate, are one of the most incredibly hostile Voidens when they encounter another of their own species. A Voiden would stop fighting another Voiden should the conclusion be reached that it is no longer worth it to fight, something more dangerous is on the way, or, in rare cases, that the other Voiden is not presenting itself as a threat. Aklars will fight to the death, regardless of the scenario.

Aklars are known to take more interest in the worlds outside the Void then other Voidens. However, because of their number, other Voidens are seen more often outside the Void then Aklars.

Aklars themselves look like typical Hominoids. Their difference is the jet black skin, and glowing eyes with different colors.

Aklars have a base color, which is the color shown by default, and emotional colors.

Red- Rage. Green- Mellow, calm. Blue- Sad. Pink- Attraction, love. Yellow- Interest. Purple- Fear.

Life Cycle

Voidens have different life cycles, depending on their chosen form, and sub-species. The Aklar have a definitive life cycle. Womb=>Birth=>Baby=>Child=>Adult. Aklars Baby stage is remarkably short. This is due to the fact most Aklars abandon their baby shortly after birth. A child is still able to better protect itself better than a baby can.

Some Voidens reproduce by sharing energy, should their form be focused around mere energy. Other Voidens make copies of them self. There are also many more ways of reproduction, as there are many different forms and types of Voidens.

The writings of Wind_Jackal, with souleater007 's help.

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