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Spawned in what is the blackness if the void, Voidlings are not to be confused with Aklar (A different void species, therefore, another story). Here we shall discuss all about voidlings, their abilities, nature, weaknesses, etc...



A voidlings nature is a truly violent one. Voidlings existed by the quadrillions once, forming what is a majority of the blackness in the void. Now, the void is formed by almost absolute nothingness. Their goal through their never-ending life was simple, to consume and evolve. The entirety of their time was spent in an eternal, animalistic form of combat, consuming each other like cannibals, draining each other of their life forces to increase their own power. In most cases, a voidling would remain in that state of combat until consumed. However, it is possible for a voidling to evolve beyond its brethren, such is the case with the man known as D'gerik Blackheart. Upon fusing with a body or soul of a human, or any other sentient species for that matter, they become their own person in a sense. Similar to an Aklar but with some minor (and maybe one major) differences.


Voidlings have a specific set of abilities that sets them apart from every other species known:


They cannot die, whether it be by natural or unnatural causes, this is due to the fact that they are (The purebloods) essentially MADE of void energy. Naturally, it would make sense that the only way to kill them would be to destroy all of that energy. The challenge comes in finding out how. Whilst hybrids can rapidly heal, even from an otherwise fatal injury, the fact does not change that they are not created of the energy, and can die, assuming the energy is sealed, or removed by any means.

Field of Vision

Their field of vision is massive, capable of seeing across large bodies of water when needed. (This becomes void if there is fog, excessive amounts of foliage <i.e. a forest, jungle, mega taiga, dark oak forrests, et cetera or a building in their path. They have a long range of sight, not x-ray vision...)

Control of Void

They posses control (And in some cases, mastery) of the void, being able to summon its energy and use it in many different ways. Most cases being combat and healing. The use of void energy comes through emotion. There are 6 different states usable for void energy conjuration (From weakest, to strongest): -fear -sadness -anger -lust -love -courage -total emotionlessness

In this particular case, lust does not pertain exclusively to sexual desire, but to a desire of any kind. (ex. The beast Gladios was filled with blood lust, hence his ability to use the energy through D'gerik's body.)

Total emotionlessness is the most powerful, but perhaps also the most dangerous of all the states, as bringing yourself into such a state is draining both physically, and mentally. Prolonged use of this state can bring a voidling into a sort of cryostasis, where they shall become unresponsive until having fully restored their energy (Anywhere between a few hours and a few months). To a hybrid, prolonged use of this state could kill it, as they essentially drain that which makes it a hybrid from their body.


As stated prior to this, voidlings have their own set of abilities, and like any other natural creature, they have weaknesses too: 1)Although they cant die, they still feel pain. Additionally, if exhausted enough, will collapse. Therefore, any who can outlast the assault of a voidling, can defeat one. 2)Voidlings and other void creatures have their own mechanisms against each other (i.e.Ways to kill each other). In the case of voidlings, they are capable of consuming one another, draining them of all life energy and essentially turning them into nothing. (ex. D'gerik at one point gained enough energy to consume Gladios, leaving only the sword as the last surviving shard of the beast, which currently remains in his possession.)

Known Voidlings

Thus far, only three cases are known.

1)D'gerik Blackheart- The only natural voidling known in Templehelm, and possibly left in existance.

2)Envy- Genetically engineered, she was human once, now she is a hybrid between a voidling and an Aklar.

3)Revan- Created the same way that Envy was, but is far more advanced.

Fun facts

1) A voidlings eye color depends on the emotion they are feeling. The color code is as follows: -Fear <Yellow> -Sadness <Blue> -Anger <Red> -Lust <Green> -Love <Pink> -Courage <Purple> -Total emotionlessness <Black>


VERY important note: There are two types of hybrids.

Pure Hybrids

This is what the characters Envy and Revan are. They were created, their bodies being used merely as shells. No longer what they used to be, but rather a direct hybrid of Voidling and Aklar.

Energy Hybrids

This refers to anyone who was brought back to life, or infused with void energy of any form to survive. (Starting from Drogo, the list pretty much goes straight down from there, you know who you are). Should an Energy Hybrid find a way to infuse their energy to another being, that being would be of a lesser "purity". Explanation: A "first generation" Energy Hybrid. (I.E. Drogo <Nothing personal bro, just cant think of anyone else T^T>) is a half hybrid of a human (I believe) and the energy that brought him to life. Let's say he found a way to do the same that was done to him. If he had used everything he had, he would have drained himself of all his energy, and died. By that logic, the person he infused would, by that logic be, rather than a half hybrid, a quartered hybrid (So on and so forth through all that. Basic genetics). This is easily the biggest thing I must stress. Aside from what should be an obvious difference in ability between an Energy hybrid from everything else. The weakness remains the same for ALL of them get rid of the energy, it becomes mortal, or disappears entirely depending on what exactly it is.

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