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Warriors are the weapon-wielding fighters of the land. Fighting styles may vary, but a warrior is always seen with either a trusty sword or axe.


Warrior Equipment

Leather Gold Chainmail Iron
Armour Yes No Yes Yes

Wood Stone Gold Iron Diamond
Sword Yes Yes No Yes Yes

Warrior Features

- 60 Health

- 100 Mana

- Wear the heaviest armour and excel in weapon-wielding combat.

Passive Abilities

When taking or causing damage, you have a chance of automatically activating:

Lvl 10 - Brute I (Passive) Reduces incoming damage for a short time.

Lvl 25 - Rage - Passive - Taking damage will give you a slight chance of gaining strength.

Lvl 50 - Brute II (Passive) Stacks with Brute I to offer double the incoming damage protection for a slightly longer period of time.

Combat Abilities

Lvl 30 - Taunt - Say "raaah" to force nearby monsters to attack you.

Lvl 35 - Bash - Knock your opponent back and cause them harm. (Costs 50 Mana)

Lvl 40 - Axe Toss - Throw an axe at your enemy. (Costs 50 Mana and 1 Iron Axe)

Parry - For a short time, your attack speed and strength are boosted. (50 Mana)

Special MCMMO Abilities

Arcrobatics Granted at level 2 Access to the McMMO acrobatics skill tree.

Axes - Greater Impact Granted at level 20 There is a 25% chance to achieve a greater impact.

Unarmed - Iron Grip Granted at level 53 Allows you to perform a counter chance against an opponent's disarm to make his disarm unsuccessful.

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