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Instinctive Deity of the Jungles and Forests

These people are at one with the forest and all of the peaceful animals in the land. They are experts at Farming, Taming and Woodcutting. In return for their worship, Wildaven Followers may take as much as they like from the land.

To become a Follower of Wildaven - visit the Wildaven Temple in the North Westerly part of the map [1]

Special Craft

Can Craft Sod (Grass Block) by combining Tall Grass and Dirt.

Wildaven Abilities "Druid"

Howling Wilds: Minor buff of Strength 1, Speed 1, and Night Vision for 10/20/20 seconds respectively

Entangling Roots: Bind your target with Wildaven's will for 3 seconds, forcing them to stay put

Nature's Shield: A controllable shield that follows you. Players may break blocks to make it dissolve faster, or it will naturally dissolve after some duration

Thornball: A generic damage spell

Circle of Life: After a warmup period of around 15 seconds everything with 30 blocks of the caster will begin to heal, healing for a total of over 100 hp.

Creed Introduction

Lumbarmen ran out from the dense jungle, fear struck upon their faces. Any who stopped and turned to look met their end. Simple as that.

Crish, crackle, snap, crish The branches in the trees went, as something jumped from one to the other. An axman heard snaping infront of him from a bush, and skidded to a stop, swining his ax at the bush, but it fell only to dirt. Suddenly, leaves encased him, much to the mans horror. The surrounded him, dense, allowing no escape. Thinking quickly, he cut through the leaves with his ax, but when he broke through, he met his end to a green dyed iron sword, from a indscribable figure.

Clad in green leather armor of the jungle. His eyes, covered by diffrent peices of cloth and leather, darted about, finding his next target.

He listened.

Crish, Crackle, Snap, Crish. Went the forest to the south. He darted, making a huge leap to a jungle tree, and darting up the vines.

The lumbar men quickened their pace, their refuge was only about fifty yards away. The ten of them sprinted for their forfited lives.

One of the men fell down suddenly, an arrow in his back, aimed right for the heart.


Another met his end when the figure suddenly appeared in front of him, and bore down with sword and ax upon him, blood awashed the ground. The figure disappeared out of view suddenly, a trace of a sweet black smoke where he was.


A group of three ran toghther, and stood their ground in the jungle, surronded by the unknown, but with friends in numbers, the thought the had the chance. Then a low growl sounded from the woods, and grew louded, and then seemed to come from many directions. Fear ran across their face as flashes of white darted to them and feasted upon their flesh, the figure running past them.


The five reached the logging camp, Three running through before the roots of the trees sealed the last two from the camp. They yelled and screamed, banging on the walls before the figure caught up to them. Slashes were heard as they met their end.


The loggers armed themselves, dawning leather armor and using their axs as their weapons. The roots began to retract... Three wolfs ran forward, the leader lunging for the foremost logger, but the leather armor held true to it's bite, and its head lopped off from it's body.

The second jumped to the wall of the camp, and jumped upon the hindmost logger, but this wolf to failed to land a killing blow, and it's chests was opened up from a sweeping blow of a frantic logger.

The third retreated.

Thinking that they have survived, they began to cheer, and throw taunts into the jungle. That is until a sword erupted from the hindmosts chest. The logger looked at the sword, as if it was a limb that so suddenly sprouted from his chest. He faded from concision, and then from life as the sword withdrew in a blood extraction. The figure stood there.


In his fear, one of the loggers let out a yell of both fear and enragement. He ran foreward, ax raised high for a chop at the figures head, but right as the ax came down, the figure disappeared and reappeared behind him, and shot a weighted arrow at the mans back, throwing him a distance away. The figure turned to the second logger as he dropped his ax and ran to the exit. A percisely dispatched hatched being logged in his back ended his antics.


The figure turned to the last logger, and slowly walked to him, taking his time. The logger, on the ground and bleeding, looked upon the figure. "This is truely... A cursed jungle"

The figure stopped in front of him, sword raised for a stab.

"No... This is simply a jungle of wildaven. No one else."


- by souleater007

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