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Dignified Deity of the Moon and Snow

Members of the creed idolize the Moon and are most active at night - as Wintival has made peace with the Creatures of the night and forbids them from attacking followers.

To show piety, followers can build shrines with blocks that are associated with the cold and night. Wear clothing that identifies them as snow dweller. Carry and hold items related to the cold and night.

To become a Follower of Wintival - visit the Wintival Temple in the South Western part of the map [1]

Moon Ritual

Call the Moon into the sky and make it night-time. Just say "Bring unto us the rite of the night" and don't move. Another person nearby can Right-Click on you and the Moon Ritual will be complete. The participants in the ritual will now have an 8 Minute Cool-down.

Wintival Mage | Zeromancer

Snow Globe : Prevents attackers from coming near

Undead Scourge : Summons a minion for you

Ice bolt : 8 damage non-armor piercing standard spell

Frost Ward : Small knockup and slow ward that is placed after a small period of time

Flurry : Launches a volley of snowballs to damage and knockback attackers.

Creed Introduction

There are footsteps in the snow here. A large collection of footsteps here. They lead off into the tundra, beneath the branches of the pines.

Into the tundra do these footsteps go, traveling in a disorganized order. There is no strict discipline within these footsteps -unlike so many others- but a jumbled up procession, as if these footsteps were traveling to a party.

Along their merry path arises a new pair of steps, one softer than all the others. It stands stationary for a while, waiting for the group to pass. Then it takes two steps, and then disappears off of the snow. Where have these steps gone, nobody knows.

Returning to the party, we can see the footsteps halt upon a large clearing. A tarp has been placed upon the ground, and there are imprints of sitting bodies. Food and drink is scattered about, and baskets filled with goodies lie around.

Long these individuals sat upon the tarp and feasted, yet there merriment was not to be. Pools of blood have been mixed with the drinks, and a frozen body is found, still sitting at the picnic.

Away these footsteps run, deeper and deeper into the tundra. A second body is now found, ripped to pieces by uncaring hands. The undead have gathered here to feed upon their spoils.

The footsteps have slowed down now, despite the impending danger. A third body lies in the ground, an arrow that chills the blood found in it's back.

A blizzard has been conjured here, and the footsteps become hard to follow. They slowly decrease in number as bodies begin to populate our path.

Finally, we reach the final stand of the footsteps, hunched together in a circle. The footsteps have left now, and bodies are dragged away. Whatever fate lies within them shall be theirs to face alone.

All proof that remains that these people even existed now simply lies in their spilled drinks, discarded food, and empty footsteps. But not even that will last.

An icy breeze sweeps across the tundra, and all the footsteps are gone. We may not see it, but the food and drink spread out across the clearing has vanished into snow. Nothing remains of these individuals now, and they have faded into non-existence, like all the armies, travelers, and explores whom dare travel beneath those trees of pine. The stories of these people shall never be told, and shall never be known, but that is unimportant now.

Without any footsteps to follow, how shall you survive the realm of Wintival?

- By barragehpms

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