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Notable Entity

Entity Name: Wintival

Followers: Wintivalians (and Zeolites apparently) under the Crown of the Kingdom of Glacikaldr and its Nobility (Knights). Also, those not under the Crown of Glacikaldr.

Symbol: Ice, Snow and Bones of the Undead

Entity of: the Moon and Snow

Wintival is that one "chick" that really hates Deserma under the leadership of UrQuan and Winterstar, and had a fling with Zeolix awhile back according to Chaotica under the man who later became King of the Kingdom of Glacikaldr, Drogo (later renamed Eso).

According to the Will of the Mother, it is compulsory for all of Her followers to join the current Frozen Empire, of which is currently the Kingdom of Glacikaldr, made up of the unification of domains within the Winter Lands.

"Wintivalians can be a diverse people, but one seemingly overriding concern among them is a sense of strength and order. These strengths and the concept of order can differ from person to person, but the unforgiving landscape they call home forces Wintivalians to find the things they excel at and assume those roles for the good of their community. Like the ice and snow around them, Wintivalians can be staunch and solid but beneath that is [a] propensity toward a more treacherous and unforgiving nature. But, provided one minds their footing, Wintivalans can also be friendly and welcoming as long as a guest presents no injury to their pride."

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