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Righteous Deity of the Wind and Sky.

The followers of Zelphair are granted a very special power by their deity - The power of limited flight. Zelphair appears pleased by Refined Quartz, as it is believed that although harvested from the nether; when brought to the surface and refined, it is the easiest block to levitate.

To become a Follower of Zelphair - visit the Zelphair Temple in the Western part of the map [1]


Those aligned with Zelphair may fly for as long as their Mana allows by casting the Windwalk Spell. But beware - heavy armour could restrict flight time.

Zelphair Abilities | Aeromancer

Walking winds : 3 consecutive leaps in the air

Air Slash : 3 second cooldown, 4 damage per slash (Non-Armor Piercing)

Propel : Launches you up ten blocks in the air, 20 mana, 2 second cooldown

Air Dash : Launches you ten blocks forward, 20 mana, 2 second cooldown, must be in air

Hastened Steps : Gives you speed 2 for 20 seconds, 35 mana, 20 second cooldown

Divebomb : Dives you to the ground below and deals damage in a small radius

Use /c FallImmunity to become immune to fall damage

Creed Introduction

The man walked with a swiftness that was only to be matched by the roaring winds which brushed through the fields of grass and flowers. He moved through the plains, swishing from left to right, his white garments swaying from side to side along with the dance. In his hands his nimble fingers brushed a book, dust trembling off of the worn-out cover, the wind pushing it down to lay upon the grass.

A twig's snap resonated throughout his mind.

His head swept back, catching the eyes of a Denizen, eyes bewildered. He lay embellished with a mass of silver armor, a sword tightly clutched in his clammy hands. Sweat began to collect upon the Denizen's brow as he stared into the soulful yet stormy eyes that the man sent off. The Denizen's gaze shifted down towards his sword, contemplating his next move, not wanting to face the man of perplexity. The denizen's mouth opened, but no words came out, as the man shifted through the grass yet again, agilely landing before him.

"You have been following me.", said the man, the sky seeming to give an approving breeze, bristling through his hair.

" I-I... Was....", responded the armored man, his attention now poured towards the grass, as if it was the most special thing he had ever witnessed.

"Why.", spat the man, his eyes giving a glint of defiance.

" I was fascinated by the way you moved as if you were a merely part of the wind... The way you embraced the sky... I have truly never seen anything like it. How is it you- ," stopped the armored man, as the one of the winds began to speak softly.

"You wish to know how it is I do these things. How I can blend in with the open air around me," smirked the man, know clutching the book even tighter as he looked up into the heart of the skies," How I can move swiftly, yet powerfully. How I can embrace what is the skies and winds. Just one word lad.. One word...."

The man of the skies now turned from the Denizen jumping defiantly into the air, grabbing the winds around him and pushing himself up with a force unimaginable....


By Arian0001

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