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Notable Entity

Entity Name: Zeolix

Followers: DarkHaven, the Ordinance, the Brotherhood, the Derivatives, the Ascendant

Symbol: Bedrock and End Stone

Entity of: the End, Templehelm, Darkness, the frigid night


Dreadful Deity of the Fear of Death and Dark.

Followers of Zeolix band together in tight-knit groups with strict social hierarchies. - Zeolix commands some lesser creatures of the Void and forbids them from attacking followers.

To become a follower of Zeolix - visit the Zeolix Temple in the South Western part of the map.


Choice Spells

Endtomb - Encases you in endstone. (25 mana)

VoidBeasts - Summons an Enderman and Endermites. (75 mana)

Zeolix Archer

Recipes available here: http://wiki.crimsoningot.net/index.php?title=More_Recipes#Bows

Rift Bow - Appears where the arrow lands - must have ample darkness to use.

Void Bow - Blinds the target.

Tenebris Bow - Causes damage to entities anywhere near where the arrow lands.

Wither Bow - Withers the target.

Zeolix Mage | Apothimancer

Rift Step - Appears where the spell is cast. Must have ample darkness to use. (25 mana)

Creeping Doom - A cloud of voiden energy follows the victim. (50 mana)

Reentry Shot - Appears where the enderpearl lands, and deals damage to any entity in the area. (50 mana)

Umbra Ritual - Summons a piece of the Void to Templehelm, requires two Zeolites. (150 mana)

Void Drifter - Zeolite energy bounces from victim to victim dealing damage. (25 mana)

Voiden Shift - Pass through obsidian blocks. (50 mana)

Conjurer Spell:

Encroaching Dark - A cloud of voiden energy consumes the area dealing blindness and damage. (100 mana)

Creed Imbue

Void Sword - Switches places with entities, the target, and even the wielder of the sword randomly in the nearby area. (50 mana.)


Void Bow:


Rift Bow:


Tenebris Bow:


Withering Bow:


Also, a special ReentryShot enderpearl will be required to cast Reentry Shot, this recipe creates two of those special pearls:


It should be noted that most modern Zeolites believe that Zeolix is not a god of evil, but instead a victim of Planu and a force of good.


It is claimed by the followers of Zeolix that in ancient days, thousands of years ago, Zeolix was the entity that ruled over the continent known as Templehelm, before the Emeraldites arrived and brought Planu with them. After some time, it can only be supposed that Zeolix was imprisoned, and that he laid in slumber - that is until he was accidentally awoken, ushering in a new era in Templehelm. Though awoken, Zeolix was immensely angry with the land, and with Planu for having sealed him. He brought war to Templehelm, war that had never been seen in the land before. The war against him ravaged on, as he slaughtered those who resided in the land mercilessly, until The Named Ones appeared, and carried out his dark will from then on. After many months of battle and bloodshed, Zeolix was finally defeated once again, at the base of Mount Kazmal, as King Meraldian IV, with the aid of Planu, struck the final blow, ending the reign of the Lord of the End, once and for all... or so the majority of the denizens of Templehelm hope. In reality, his status is unknown; though the spirit of Endymion claimed that the Endlord had been sealed within an isolated dimension of the Void, from which it would take much effort to free him. In spite of that, the followers of Zeolix refuse to give up hope of his return. It has been speculated that Zeolix is returning, as his three original followers have been revived, and a prophecy was distributed amongst the few remaining followers. Though not yet fulfilled, the start of the prophecy has begun, and the Zeolites of old have been awoken from their slumber to bring forth the New Era. May the Father Guide You.

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