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About Crimson Ingot

Crimson Ingot is a class based Minecraft RP PVP Server. The emphasis in Crimson Ingot is on an ever changing world with developing characters and story progression. The game takes place in a land called "Templehelm" where there are many mysterious forces at work. Templehelm is a place of Magic and Ritual, where a players strengths are always in demand. Crimson Ingot is different from other servers as you never know what adventure or event you are going to get caught up in next. There are Gods at war and deep faction politics at play. You could find yourself interacting with a wandering spirit or get directly involved in a narrative that affects all who inhabit the land. Roleplayers are rewarded on the server, and may find themselves actually contributing to the Server Lore and becoming a part of the history.

There are players of all kinds, hard-core RP, PVPers, Lone Wolves and those that are here just for a bit of Survival - who enjoy Minecraft with the Crimson Ingot twist. We have a very active Forum that also serves as a creative outlet for our RPers to share their story telling and role-play ability.

We use an extensive range of plugins that are heavily customized and designed to interact in a way that produces a unique style of game-play.

About Templehelm (As writen by the Emeraldites)

Templhelm is a series of islands that exists in the world of Ateon. "Ateon" is a word of unknown origin which is defined as "The Known Realm" or "As far as someone has returned".

Templehelm consists of several large islands that sit in the heart of a massive lake named "The Setlian Sea". This lake is regarded by most as the center of Ateon, as the further people travel from the lake, the more inhospitable the land becomes.

There are many versions of events that led to Templehelm being inhabited, the most popular version of events is one recorded by an Emeraldite Oracle - which claims that Emeraldites discovered the islands and settled here hundreds of generations ago. They named the islands Templehelm - after establishing the land as their spiritual heartland and a defensive bastion.

For more information about the Emeraldites and their history: See Emeraldite

The Deities (As writen by the Emeraldites)

There are many origin stories and beliefs about what the Deities are. But one thing that most can agree upon, is that there are certainly many distinct forces and powerful unseen entities that are guiding and affecting the Denizens of Templehelm. It was the Emeraldites (who have always been known to worship the Deity Planu) - that declared that Planu communicated to them through a Great Oracle (during what is known to the Emeraldites as the Ramilicon Event) the names of these Deities and that these Deities are "Sired Divines" - The children of Planu.

It has been found by the Denizens of Templehelm that to align oneself with a Sired Divine, and honour this Deities name, realm and values; can bring reward. But it has also been shown that this brings rejection and sometimes hostility from other Sired Divines.

To read more about the Deities that can be aligned with (or chosen as your Creed) see: Creeds

The Cavilon Chronicles (As writen by the Emeraldites)

One of the oldest documents in the Emeraldite Library, is a small portion of a what is believed to be a lengthy poem written about the origins of the Sired Divines. Given to an Emeraldite King as a gift. Found in an abandoned city somewhere beneath Templehelm by an Emeraldite explorer, and although an author cannot be attributed, it was named the Cavilon Chronicles as it was discovered laying atop a Shrine to Cavilon. The scroll was found torn to pieces and before the explorer could gather more than one morsel, he was beset upon by a horde of undead. The explorer never disclosed the location of the shrine, and subsequent attempts to find and retrieve the remaining pieces of the scroll have not been successful.

From the "Cavilon Chronicles" : -

As Planu plays amongst the hill and plain,

Wonders he how the Miners would behave,

When chanced with choice of kindness o’er pain.

Would first they spurn a vice or be enslaved.

Six old consorts sit ‘round the warm fire,

They cook a slow sick cow which they had snared.

They talk of how this life has been so dire,

And argue o’er how the meal be shared.

When eerie sounds they hear inside the cooking urns,

Amongst the flames and smell of melting ore,

Appears a golden Ingot glowing while it burns.

Such beauty they never have seen before.

So Planu Watches over, eyes agleam,

As his children career into this scheme.

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