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Turbulent Deity of the Rivers and Seas

Followers of Akwal are seafaring and skilled at fishing - These people have been granted the ability of breathing under water in return for their faith in Akwal.


Water Walking

All Akwal Followers have the "WaterWalk" Spell. Can cast with Bind or Command. Costs 2 Mana per block walked - Automatically ends after 30 seconds.

Bang Fish

The "Pramius-minpiscius", better known as the "Bang Fish" - is a rare species of Pufferfish that is seldom seen in the waters around Templehelm - This rarity is due to the fishes ability to self-destruct when threatened. They say that when you feel a nibble on your line, but fail to reel in the catch, you just killed a Bang Fish. The Akwal have the uncanny ability to catch these fish intact. The fish feels comfortable with the Akwal, giving the Akwalians the ability to throw this fish, the fish will then explode on impact.

Creed Spells

Extinguish - Extinguish yourself if you're on fire! (Costs 15 mana)

PowerStroke - Gives you a powerful boost of movement through water. (Costs 20 mana)

BangFish - Throw a BangFish. (Costs 1 Pufferfish)

Akwal Mage | Hydromancer

Geyser - Hit a single enemy with a powerful geyser of water. (Costs 20 mana)

Osmosis - Drain mana from your enemy and give it to yourself. (Gives 20 mana)

Fissures - Hit your enemies around you with a wave of geysers. (Costs 50 Mana)

Downpour - Summons a rain cloud around the caster, damage, slowing, and weakening those nearby. (Costs 50 mana)

Roaring Wave - Summons a wave to knock up and damage enemies. Causes damage to all targets in its path. (Costs 75 mana)

Drain - Drain health from your enemy and give it to yourself. (Costs 80 mana)

Drown - Pulls your enemy underwater and temporarily silences them. (Costs 100 mana)

Lore and Character Building

The 2nd Deity born according to the allegory of the Cavilon Chronicles, Akwal's sphere is the water of Templehelm. This influence extends through rain, river, puddle, and sea. Akwal's personality flows between smooth and raging, and has many facets as deep as the Setlian Sea.

The faith of Akwal is often spearheaded by the various nations that prop up in the eastern seaboard and the islands off the coast, though inland churches are not too uncommon.

The worship of Akwal is a no-brainer for characters that live in or near water. It's almost entirely synonymous with the lifestyles of the fisherman and sailor, and necessary for the success of island settlements, that would be at the mercy of Akwal's wrath due to their location.

Any Akwal Worshiper born in Templehelm or familiar with Templehelm must know of or remember the Tranquil Alliance and the city-states of Aren, and Serenity. It was common for Akwal Worshipers to be anti-undead due to the efforts of Paladin-king Redmond Bloodstone of Serenity.

It is said that those who die at sea become one of the Drowned.

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