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In this section of the wiki this where rumors of legendary artifacts are stored whether they may be true or false.

The Head of Zeolix

The head of Zeolix is an extremely rare artifact which is said to be able to unseal Him.

Blade of Pestilence

The blade of Pestilence is believed to be although very dull but very powerful as a single cut from it can cause the wound to become infected in a matter of hours. Latest reports of this blade is by an unfortunate guard who stumbled back into town. He got medical attention but he died the next day. The guard before his death mention about an unknown rogue carrying such an infectious blade.

Empath's Harvest

Long ago there lived a solitary farmer in the vast plains beyond Planu Heath. His harvest was grand, and he supplied the greater Emeraldite towns a surplus of food. His mere iron scythe ended famine, but some recall a time when his blade was hexed by an unknown force. Rumors said the scythe feeds off hate and becomes stronger when the user is filled with hate.

He wed a fair maiden one day, and his crop output began to fluctuate. When she brought him sorrow, he could not reap the harvest, and the harvest would wither from his salty tears. When she gave him love, his energy brought about an abundance of crops.

...and one day bandits came and took his wife. His anger welled within him, and he brought his scythe upon them, and on that day he drank a sweet wine. A sweet, red wine...

Mask of Deep Shadows

Rumored to have been created in a far off place long ago, this magical mask is said to have finally reached Templehelm. Some say that the one who wears it can be silent as the wind and just as invisible if he dons it in the shadows...

The Parothasin star

Discovered by Parothasin the star goes zooms pass the sky every 100 years. Believed to hold unworldly energy that should be kept away from anyone. Though it is far out of reach for anyone rumors talk about a particular ritual can force the star to land.

The Urn of ancient

An urn is believed to be still possessed by an old spirit, someone from the ancient times. It's location become unknown as previous holders of the urn ditch it either to another person or leave it anywhere as they became afraid of the haunted urn.

Wind Hammer mace of the wind

Created long ago by a follower of Zelphair. Attacked fatally by an enemy, he cast it into the air and it flew in the wind, away from all. It was last seen soaring in the breeze northward.

Mace of Henafras

The shaft crafted from an branch from an enormous tree, the head of the mace from a mysterious metal fallen from the sky. The mace was created by a Emeraldite mighty warrior named Henafras, who wielded it in defense of Templehelm. Henefras used it for many years, but hid it away as he aged, fearing it being stolen and used against the Emeraldites. He died of a heart attack soon after hiding it, his last words being of it and how he "hid it in the garden..."

Obsidian dagger

The obsidian dagger and the assassin Suthurus became famous further back in the Templehelm days. Suthurus somehow manage to get his hand or crafted this dagger from obsidian. Suthurus assassinated and robbed many people with this mere but strong as ever dagger. Up roars came as the Emeraldlite were to blame of not bring this rogue to justice. The Emeraldlite soldiers try their best to ambush but he always seem to slip away till eventually Suthurus was finally ambushed and brought to justice. The general asked Suthurus before his death of where his treasure and his dagger went. Suthurus responded telling the General that the treasure is forever safe from your hands as well the dagger then spat on his face and finish with "The Obsidian dagger will be only held by a worthy rogue only and my treasure is only accessed by the worthy rogue."

Sword of Kae

Sword of Kae

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