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If you would like to contribute to the Wiki - just sign up and get going. It is recommended that only those with prior Mediawiki experience create an account.

If you do know the basics of how to edit a wiki; but would like to know some advanced things - check out the Mediawiki help article:

If you are really stuck you can ask questions on the Crimson Ingot Wiki Forum.

Contribution Tips and Notes


Create a New Page

Just use the Search function and Search for your Intended Page title. If it doesn't exist, you will have the option to Create it.

Adding a Denizen Bio

Copy the Template here:

Create a New Page, Paste the Template and fill it in. Done.

Adding Faction

Copy the Template here:

Create a New Page, Paste the Template and fill it in. Done.


This Wiki relies a lot on Categories. To put your content in the relevant Category - place the tag:
And also add a Category for yourself - eg.
So that your fans can find things written by you easier. Follow the Category that is created for your name and add some text with a link to your Bio eg.
The writings of [[souleater007]]

(Not required in Denizen Bio and Factions, which is handled by the Templates.)


If a Subcategory doesn't not exist - just create it. How?! Make a new Category and put in a Category Tag that points to it's Top Level Category. Then just assign your content to the Subcategory.

Where to Post?

Denizen Bios and Origin Stories - Your Bio and Origin Stories here (on your Bio Page).

Factions - Details of you Faction here.

Adventure - All stories written in the 1st person about your Character.

Story Books - All Stories written in the 3rd Person.

Journals - Journal style writing that is going to be updated often.

Deity Lore - Alternate beliefs and variations on belief not aligned with the Emeraldite Sired Divines Lore.

History Books - Al things written in a factual way about the Ancient or recent History of Templehelm.

Locations - Information about the various notable locations around Templehelm - Including Cities and Settlements.

Notable Entities - Information about the Spirits to Deities to Bosses et. - and not including Denizens or Sired Divines.

Reference Books - Guides and information about the mechanics of Templehelm - not including Locations.

Wanted Pages and Categories

Wanted Pages

Wanted Categories

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