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The word 'Deiotakas' derives from an earlier form of the Emeraldite tongue, and translates as "The birth of gods". It's used to describe a time of great turmoil in Templehelm, and has only happened twice. Stories from these times are rarely written down, as during the Deiotakas the inhabitants of Templehelm are more focused on clinging to life than on writing tomes. Stories that persist are of trees and rocks leaping from the ground, attacking those nearby. Entire landmasses are said to move during these times, sometimes merging and creating new mountain ranges, sometimes huge ravines open up, swallowing entire settlements.

The First Deiotakas

The First Deiotakas took place early on in the Emeraldite's colonisation of Templehelm, and affected all other than the Emeraldite royals, from whom Meraldian is a direct descendant. It is thought that they were left unaffected due to their family's closeness to Planu, who is seen as the leader of the Sacred Divines. More information on the first Deiotakas can be found in the history books of the Emeraldite Library here.

The Second Deiotakas

This event is thought less of as 'The birth of gods', and more as an argument between the sacred divines, or an anger they had towards the inhabitants of Templehelm being unleashed. One day, the a great power was let loose, and the great cataclysm known as the 2nd Deiotakas happened. Planu disappeared for a time, until the Cult of the Countless brought Planu back later on during a years long war. During this cataclysm, the arcane power of the Divines ran rampant until eventually calming down.

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