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You can use the template below to get your Faction onto the wiki. 1. Copy the code below. 2. Create a New Page on the wiki that is your exact Faction Name. 3. Paste the code and edit to your liking.

Notes: Find the part that reads: "PUT-YOUR-FACTION-FLAG-HERE" - and replace that with a url to an image. You do not have to fill in all info - anything left out just won't display. You can put any extra information about the Faction (Backstory, Links to Books etc.) below the code (See example)

| motto = 
| creeds =
| capital =
| location =
| settlements =
| population =
| allies =
| enemies =




| motto = Caretakers of Templehelm
| creeds = Planu
| capital = Emeraldite Castle
| location = 2940 -570
| settlements = 
| population = 1
| allies =
| enemies =


The current King of the Emeraldites is named Meraldian. He resides in the Emeraldite Castle, which is marked on the official Templehelm Map.
Meraldian is said to be a keen hunter and spends most of his day hunting on the grounds around the Emeraldite Castle.
Meraldian has hosted many a banquet and is reported to be quite approachable and only follows strict Emeradlite Royalty protocol when receiving guests in the Emeraldite Castle Throne Room - possibly out of respect for his ancestors that have always conducted serious business in this room.
Many have said that not displaying a respectful disposition in the Throne Room will result in getting thrown into the Emeraldite Castle Dungeon.

More information about the Emeraldites [[Emeraldites|Here]]

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