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1. The only place you can post In-Character, is in the Roleplay Section of the Forum. Or - the first post of a thread in the Creative Section.

2. All Posts in the Roleplay Section of the Forums must be strictly In-Character. When starting a thread you can outline the scene and even list the players that are only to be present. The Forum moderators will do their best to honour this.

3. Any posts that hijack a thread or are off-topic or do not contribute or add substance and add value in any way to the topic of the post will be deleted. This includes "bumping" a thread.

4. Do not use the forums to accuse players of hacking or breaking rules - The exception to the rule is posting in the Contact Staff section of the Forum.

5. Do not start or participate in OOC arguments on the Forum, or post anything abusive.

6. Do not Double post! Info here: - Concurrent posts are deleted mercilessly!

7. In-game screenshots must not contain any in-game chat. (tip: use F1 Mode when taking screenshots). If you wish to share with the forum something that was said in-game, then you must type it out.

8. No x,y,z co-ordinates are to be posted on the forum. You can describe the location however eg. near landmarks, distances and directions etc.

9. No posting of Picture Memes - Links to Reaction .Gifs etc. These are only allowed in the Off-Topic Forum Sections.

10. Your RP character cannot "know" any information only garnered from the Forum - Unless it is from a Roleplay thread that you were a party to. Otherwise, you are meta-gaming.

11. Do not use any inappropriate language (swearing), this includes anything crass or bigoted.

12. No Cross-Posting. Do not post the same information in multiple OOC threads. This includes creating an additional thread about an existing topic.

Warning Points and Punishments

Sometimes breaking a Forum Rule will just result in a Warning.

When a Forum Moderator issues a warning, our automated Warning Points system is then used. This issues a particular amount Warning Points based on the Rule broken, these points are automatically removed after a week or two (depending on the rule broken).

But if you build up too many concurrent points you will receive an automated temporary Forum Ban (5 points = 2 Day ban) (10 points = 1 week ban)

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