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Passionate Deity of the Nether

Netharna followers are Immune to Fire and Lava Damage and are the only Creed that can use Lava Buckets effectively. Ghasts will not attack a Netharna.

To become a Follower of Netharna - visit the Netharna Temple in the Nether.

Special Craft

Extra Nether Brick (Blocks) can be crafted by filling all Crafting table spaces with Nether Brick (Item)

Netharna Mage | Pyromancer

Fire Immunity - Applies to all creed members.

Rupture - Projectile explosive.

Flamewreath - Ignites and knocks back attackers.

Burning Blood - Cleanses you of all debuffs.

Flameward - After a small time will generate a ward that when walked over will explode and knockup enemies.

Flameshot - Summons several homing orbs to attack your target after a small chargeup.

Creed Introduction

Molten flame falls from the top, sands of death replace the plains

Hordes of anger cross the ground, white floaters blast soon ends their games

A purple haze shall lead them in, a burning death shall lead them out

None shall ever venture in, her realm's sanctity leaves no doubt

Only her people dare enter to, only her people dare enter out

Bodies that bathe in lava, auras that the floaters avoid

Her chosen people can rise once more

Into this realm they will dwell, this realm of fire and strife

Weak shall perish and the strong shall stand

Servants shall rise, One-eyed shall judge

Here lies her simple law

Do justice

Be good

That is all

by The Poet Sinna

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