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Troll: Mind & Body

Trolls are huge creatures, little more then beasts on their mental developmental level, but extremely strong. Trolls are shaped like the larger species of monkeys,and are prone to knuckle-walking like them. They also can use tools, but they have to be shown how to before, a difficult task as trolls try to eat all non-trolls. They are usually 7 feet tall, but have been know to grow larger and taller as they grow older. They are difficult to kill, having to have each part of their body cut off and dipped in lava, acid, or some sort of fiery liquid to prevent their amazing regeneration, which can regrow limbs and heal a troll of wounds that would kill any other race.

Few trolls can use magic, their minds simply not capable of handling the strain. The rare troll that can are usually wielding some form of shamanic magic.

Troll Subspecies

Cave Trolls: one of the largest species of trolls, they live by themselves in small groups; usually just the male, female, and any children. They are immune to poison and hoard minerals, some how capable of finding them deep within the stone. They usually eat spiders, silver fish, bats, or basically anything to wander across their paths.

Mountain Trolls: Equal in size to cave trolls, they live on top of mountains, throwing boulders at each other. Often coming down from the mountain to prey on sheep and cows, they don't hesitate to walk through a village and try stealing any animals there.

Forest Trolls: one of the smaller and more intelligent of the troll kinds, they are capable of growing food and raising and taming animals. They are fiercely territorial, slaying any who come within their lands.

Fungal Trolls: smaller of the troll species, they are found in the rare mycelium islands, they are smaller than cave and mountain trolls, but larger than forest trolls. They eat mushrooms and mooshrooms, and any who wander onto their island. They swim from one mycelium island to another if there are to many fungal trolls where they were.

Swamp Trolls: found in swamps, eat any animal they can find and attack from ambush. One of the smallest of the troll species, this specie makes up for it with strong bacteria under their claws, making any they claw sick within a day.

Fire Trolls: larger than sea trolls but smaller than cave trolls, these trolls some how made it to the nether, where the constant nearness of fire and lava have rendered them immune to the weakness of their race. Preying on pigmen, they wreck havoc whenever they make it to the over world, unless they fall in icy water, which is fatal to them.

Sea Trolls: medium sized of the troll species, they living at the bottom of the sea, they can go without air for days as they store massive amounts of air within them. They usually eat squid, but eagerly attack ships for a change in diet. Sailors have reported the use of burning pitch to be effective in driving them away.

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